Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Dragonfly

Yesterday, I found a dragonfly in a raspberry cage. He was beautiful: large green segmented body, stencil wings, bug eyes, shiny. He felt trapped. He flew against the mesh fence and then the ceiling - he bashed against it, hoping each time for a different result.

The door to the cage was now open; he was potentially free. He did not notice. He continued to collide with the mesh. I called to him. I pointed to the door. I sang. I walked near him, trying to steer his path. He got more frantic. I picked up a large spinach leaf, thinking I could guide him towards the door. He took it as a sign of aggression. He flew at me fast, batting his stencil wings, damaging them a little.

I stepped back; he retreated to the corner. I got a stick. I offered it to him.  I thought I could carry him out. He ignored it. Impasse.

I thought I would give up. I closed the door of the cage. What would be would be. I walked past him - me on the outside, he on the inside. I offered the stick again - poked it through the mesh. This time he got on. I pulled it lightly, through one of the quite large mesh holes. He tucked in his beautiful wings and slid through - to freedom.

The door was not the only way; my way was not the only way; we ended up as friends.

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