Friday, 30 August 2013

Someone's Paying Attention

A couple of posts ago, I was musing about my different experiences on two different days. I was asking myself what it was that had me feeling a little disconnected at this very congenial lunch party. As I was holding these questions inside, within a day I stumbled on two beautiful perspectives that offered me some wisdom.

The first bit of wisdom relates to following the crowd versus being ourselves, and also my failure to speak about the things I love.  It was written by Sarah Varcas, an astrologer in the UK. She is speaking of the times we find ourselves in now, and how we create our reality:

"Think of it like a pot of soup. We each add our favourite ingredient to it, but if lots of people have a particular penchant for onions, the soup will taste very oniony, even though other people have added a carrot here or a parsnip there. So when we share the soup it will taste of onions, whatever we’ve put into it. Those who threw in a potato or some cabbage may be thinking ‘Well this isn’t fair. I didn’t sign up for onion soup!’, but what they may fail to grasp is that they didn’t put in enough of their ingredient of choice to make a difference in the face of all those onions! This is how the karmic field is beginning to function now. If we want to draw from it positivity, peace, harmony, healing, honesty, wisdom, then that’s exactly what we need to be putting into it and in big amounts, because there are plenty of people out there putting in all kinds of very strong metaphorical onions with the capacity to over-power our contribution!"

The second bit of wisdom relates to my observation that I had subtly put on a lens of a 'no-one gets me'; this comes from Geoffrey Hoppe channeling Adamus St. Germain during a Q and Q session on The Awakening Zone:

"That energy of 'they don't get me' or 'I'm not seen or understood' is victim energy.  They don't need to get don't need that kind of approval.  They are on their journey and you are on yours. It leads to resentment. Is there a part of you saying 'I still don't understand me?'"

I loved these two bits of wisdom that seemed to directly answer some of my questions. Then yesterday, as I was walking in the woods, I wondered aloud why I was writing a blog that, at present, no one appears to be reading (partly because I have not necessarily announced the fact that I am writing a blog!) I heard a strange hail. The wind was buffeting the oak trees above me with some urgency.  All around me, little acorns were falling. Beautiful. I had just chosen to put an acorn as my profile picture on this blog.  Thank you. I get the message. Someone is very clearly reading/listening. 

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