Saturday, 17 August 2013

What Are We Crafting?

I changed the blog name. This name reflects the name of my website, the focus of my intention, the nature of my daily reflections. I am interested in the way that everything we do, say, think, feel, wonder about, observe, have relationship with affects the work-in-progress project that we are! We are literally, on a daily basis, crafting who we are from the raw material at hand.

It is easy to see this in relation to the physical body. For instance, I do a lot of walking and I have begun to pay attention to the habits that my feet have had for all these years. I notice how the way that my feet have touched the earth - the uneasy outward roll that puts pressure on the edges rather than the balls of my feet, the subtle differences between left and right caused by the foot I favour, the uneven hips and sway back habit that plays with gait  - has shaped the feel, appearance, and capacity of my feet today. I have crafted them and continue to do so. It is not the end of the story. As I walk with more awareness - choosing to place my feet more evenly and feel weight distributed on the whole underside, choosing to turn my feet in and then out in order to loosen my hips - these new habits continue to shape my feet in new ways.

Imagine a similar process happening with our thoughts, with our habits of feeling, with our tendencies to believe or expect certain things. We are shaping our consciousness, shaping our subtle energy fields, shaping what is possible...

How have you shaped yourself today? What have you crafted from your essence?

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