Thursday, 1 August 2013

What is Important?

What is important? 

A friend asked this question not so long ago. Today, the question surfaced again, and I carried it with me throughout my day.

What is important? 

It was a hot day and a quiet one. With just enough work to provide focus but not enough to distract, the question gained muscularity and proved impossible to ignore.  It became an echo to my moments, pointing out absences and gaps as well as the gifts of my full presence.

This was important to me on this day:
  • It was important to start this blog because I promised myself I would
  • It was important to feel sun on my face and the gift of a slight breeze
  • It was important to listen
  • It was important to play with a puppy on the grass
  • It was important to breathe, really breathe
  • It was important to walk among trees and look up 
  • It was important to pick flowers and share them
  • It was important to feel gratitude for a strong body
  • It was important not to take much notice of fears

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