Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Dance of Trees

I surprised the trees and caught them in the act of dancing. Sun-touched limbs in graceful play.

With me in the woods, they froze: delightful suspension…like children caught in the act.

When was the last time that I danced?

When is the next time?

The earth smells rich, musty, dredged up by weeks of rain.

These could be fertile times...

What will I seed and grow? 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sun's Warmth

How this rain has taught us love;  

Today's visitor had golden fingers

Warm breath that quickened the landscape

 A vision of light.

How this rain has made us notice;

Colour, texture, depth

The boldness of moss.

How this rain has left us hungry

For the simple pleasures

Of sun on skin and needle.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Winds of Change

The wind is battering us today - reminding me of change and  movement. Trees and bushes toss and tremble, and my own being feels stirred. Everywhere I walk, there are signs that nature is in renovation mode. Trees are down, branches lie in streams, rivers flood and recede leaving new deposits; the landscape is changing and so are we. 

The wind is a cunning architect. Visible only in her effects, she darts here and there testing the limits of all creation.  Not an easy companion perhaps, but we need her just the same. 

Am I willing to adjust? Am I willing to be flexible? Am I willing to see beauty in each new design?