Monday, 21 December 2015


Last night, nature roared with wind and rain. I fell asleep with her wild voice and woke to the calm of morning and the hopeful sound of birds. I thought of the families in Calais in their jungle of mud, fear and uncertainty. May they keep hope alive and may their more permanent needs be met when our leaders remember they are human beings and not political inconveniences.

I thought of Lesvos - an island I had visited the previous year before it became a sea of discarded life-jackets and desperate passage away from the horrors of war. Lesvos then was a quiet place - an off-season haven that instilled peace and a strong sense of the sacred feminine. I am connected there still as another silent moon rises over the soft contours of a hill and gazes down at the horror we have wrought as well as the outpouring of human kindness. May the land hold; may the recovery be swift.

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  1. Beautiful, Julia. May the return of the light bless you, and all the world in desperate need of it. Gretchen